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I have been listening to Amazing Radio all day! We heard about it in a lecture at University yesterday while on the subject of music copyrights. The basis of Amazing Radio is that they only play music by unsigned artists, meaning they don’t have to pay any money for it and in return they provide a platform to download the music you hear for money. Artists win, Amazing Radio wins.

Furthermore, the music that’s played is excellent.


Today is one of those days. I woke up thinking “oh amazing it’s a Saturday, I can actually do fun things!” …and then I realised I don’t actually have anything to do.

SO on went the radio. I chose Radio 2 because my mum had recently got into it and I wanted to know what all the fuss was about. Plus Saturday daytime Radio 1 felt like a bit too much for a day of inevitable facebooking, tweeting and general laziness. And hooray hoorah! Graham Norton was on!

I really do like Graham Norton and was completely impressed with his radio skillz. He was totally involved with his listeners, managing to keep up with what callers were saying (as boring as they became) and generally being, well, Graham Norton. The highlight came at the end of the show when Miranda Hart joined him in the studio to talk about Call the Midwife (which I have seen and thoroughly enjoyed) . Of course give two funny people two microphones and a lazy Saturday audience and hilarity ensues. All topped off with Ms.Hart’s song choice: 9 to 5 by Dolly Parton. Rad.

After Graham Norton I went off to have some lunch and actually socialise with various flatmates, leaving the radio on in my room. When I came back I was welcomed by Siouxsie and the Banshee’s, This Wheel’s on Fire. It could not have put me in a better mood. Recently I became a full-on, full-time, fully-pledged fan of Absolutely Fabulous and so you can imagine my excitement. What was this show? Who was presenting? How middle aged am I becoming?

Turns out the show was Pick of the Pops with Tony Blackburn, featuring music from this week in 1977 and 1987. It was amazing. So much 80s, so much fun! Loved the show, there wasn’t too much talk which is always a good thing when there’s decent music. You don’t want to hear chat when the music is so great. Musical highlights were: UB40 – Rat in mi Kitchen, Steve ‘Silk’ Hurley – Jack your Body, Alison Moyet – Is this Love? and Jackie Wilson – Reet Petite.

I’m in love.

To listen to Radio 2 click here

BBC Radio 4: Mark Watson’s Live Address to the Nation


I was invited to got to BBC broadcasting house last minute last night to go and watch Mark Watson’s Live Address to the nation. It was really very interesting to watch, the theatre in which it was recorded was a lot bigger than I thought it would be. The most surprising thing though was how scripted the whole thing was. Literally word-for-word. Also we (the audience) were encouraged to laugh about 20% more than we actually would. Not very easy, I just felt like a bit of a loser laughing at the slightest things. Anyway have a listen and see what you think!

To listen to Mark Watson’s Live Address to the Nation on Iplayer Click Here

BBC Radio 4: Spoonface Steinberg

I listened to this after my dear friend Steve recommended it, he’s a pretty good source for information on interesting things, actually he’s possibly the most interesting person I know. Anyway, so this programme is a play (written by Lee Hall) in which a young autistic girl discusses her life and her terminal cancer. Pretty depressing subjects, but written in such an innocently blunt way it’s utterly believable. One of the most moving parts is when Spoonface describes her parent’s elation when she demonstrates her skill with numbers. The original recording was performed by Becky Simpson who won two awards for it, however I think it’s the script that does most of the work.

To listen to Spoonface Steinberg on Iplayer click here

So this is mine and Tom’s first podcast i.e. the first show we’ve felt confident enough to put online for the world to see. We’ve had great feedback so far and 50+ listens already! Feedback on here would be great too so please comment :)

To find out more go to our facebook page

Next week we’ve got an interview from Max Cocking along with music by Washed Out :D






I listened to this last night as I was working on an assignment: “Create a Music Programme Production File”. Basically we had to choose either Kiss 100 or Kerrang! radio stations to create a series of programmes promoting the Student Radio Awards. We chose Kiss 100. God knows why.

The assignment itself has gone brilliantly, we decided Martin Archer would be a good presenter as he was nominated for a student radio award in 2006, plus he already did the slot we’d been given to fill.  And so while I was finishing the whole thing off last night I listened to his show to get into the mood.

It was pretty terrible. It’s a three hour show, I listened for about 40 minutes, I didn’t hear Martin Archer once. It was all music and adverts. Not impressed.

It wasn’t even GOOD music. I felt like I was in Yates’s, I could almost smell the hot lynx dripping off sweaty, fred perry-wearing, cider-glugging squaddies.

So I won’t post a link to the show. But I WILL post this fairly hilarious video of Martin Archer himself trying to demonstrate the “WiiJay” (as in DJ) -he’s actually quite good at talking and presenting. Something he doesn’t get to do on Kiss 100.


I want to write about this because it’s a brilliant, brilliant thing.

Sound Women. Where to start. Ok.

So Sound Women is a pressure group created for women in radio. Simple. The aim of the game is to create awareness that there actually ARE women in radio broadcasting, to raise the profile of women working in all aspects of audio and to form some kind of network which women can support and be supported with broadcasting er.. stuff.

A bit vague (and possibly inaccurate) I know, but I’m a bit too excited about the whole thing to be pedantic.

As a first year Radio Prouction student who is, yes, female, who has never had any experience in the media, Sound Women is a MASSIVE comfort. It feels like someone’s got my back – kind of like if you were brought up by a family of doctors. I feel privileged to know Sound Women in such early stages, the hype is building slowly but definitely -in today’s Observer Review there was a two page spread all about it (by Miranda Sawyer) and twitter has now gone a bit crazy too.

All in all Sound Women is something I definitely want to be a part of.

Click here for the Sound Women website


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